A letter from the Editors:

Dear Readers,

Articles in this issue consider meanings associated with particular foods. Frank Dugan takes us on a journey through time and space as he traces the many meanings and uses of garlic while Noah Morritt reflects on how classed notions of the sandwich are rooted in legend. Robin Patric Clair, Kai Kung, Ziyu Long and Jamsine E. Tan shift the focus to Chinese American cuisine in their exploration of constructions of authenticity in a one restaurant. Together authors highlight the complexities found in the changing meanings of food that are shaped by factors ranging from global issues to interpersonal relationships. Meanwhile, the Research Notes both offer fascinating examples of food’s interconnections to social change. Sabine Merta shares her work on theories of diet and longevity popular in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Germany and Elizabeth Ann Berton-Reilly looks at contemporary food practices and initiatives in Native New England foodways. In the Amuse Bouche section we include Jesse Dart’s reflections on his encounters with Italian “food rules,” a brief overview of our own recent trip to China, and we draw again on Paul Smith’s wonderful collection of food-related ephemeral. This time we look at examples of humorous ads—either designed to be funny or transformed by the passage of time into something that now prompts a smile. The issue concludes with book reviews of four food related titles to add to your summer reading list. It’s the kind of wide ranging and stimulating line up that Digest prides itself on.

This issue marks the end of Digest’s first phase as an online journal (launched in 2012) in that it is the last issue to be co-edited by Diane Tye. Diane wants to take this moment to say what a privilege it has been for her to serve as co-editor and to thank everyone who has helped during her four years and eight issues. Her special thanks to Mike Lange who has been the best co-editor and colleague imaginable, and to members of Digest’s Editorial Board whose support and assistance has been invaluable. Diane will continue to serve Digest as a member of the Editorial Board. We both welcome and look forward to working with the new co-editor, Janet Gilmore, Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture, Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies, and Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Culture, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Janet will take over her editorial responsibilities with the fall issue.

Michael Lange and Diane Tye, editors

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Research Notes