A letter from the Editors:

Dear Readers,

The article section of this issue of Digest presents the winners of the 2014 Sue Samuelson Foodways Student Essay competition. Their work examines creativity in a range of foodways contexts: homemakers constructing gingerbread houses, Italian Canadians canning tomatoes, an iced cream maker crafting unique desserts, and Bondir, an acclaimed restaurant in Cambridge, MA, thoughtfully shaping a special dining experience. These pieces are joined by research notes that explore an ethnic food store and a dish, the San Diego Burrito. The issue is rounded off by a script based on foodways interviews, an “anti food memoir,” and two book reviews. Together the contributions from across North America, and Australia, raise a string of provocative questions, including: “What is ethnic? Traditional? Authentic? Art? Food?

This issue marks a maturation in the organizational structure of Digest with members of the Foodways section forming an Editorial Board. Thanks to Yvonne Lockwood, Lucy Long, LuAnne Roth, Robert Smith and Theresa Vaughn for agreeing to serve in this capacity.

Now that it is possible to download Digest articles in pdf, we hope that materials will be even more accessible and useful for classroom and other purposes. Please support the journal by submitting articles and research notes as well as book reviews, recipes and food-related creative pieces. With your help future issues of Digest will continue to push boundaries of foodways research in exciting new ways.

Michael Lange and Diane Tye, editors

Table of Contents:

Research Notes