A Letter from the Editors:

Hello Readers,

At last we bring you one single Digest issue for Volume 6—just barely before the end of 2018 and in time for Winter Solstice Season reading. Its contents live up to Digest’s earlier subtitle as “an International Journal of Foodways Research.” Our banquet of lead essays, robust book review section, research note, and amuse bouche photo-text essay represents the works of folklorists, historians, and anthropologists who take us around the world in their food scholarship and on-the-ground research, collectively invoking foodways from all continents but Antarctica. Through them, you may vicariously experience food sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations from Singapore to Bolivia and Rio de Janeiro, from Mediterranean islands, Madrid, and the Swiss-Italian border area to New York’s Del Monico’s and Kentucky’s new immigrant cuisines—from on the road, in homes and restaurants, among food cults, in prisons and war-time camps, at weddings, and in museums. Besides the Sue Samuelson Prize winning essay for 2017, folklorists in particular have lent their distinctive perspectives to the Book Reviews section—look for their often candid insights and appraisals of popular and scholarly works.

Over this year and some, while reviewing, editing, soliciting, and preparing the entries for online publication, we have been monitoring the technological dimensions of online preparation and presentation of the journal, weighing the dynamics of varying platforms and considering movement to a new format. The extra care we have put into ensuring fewer editing infelicities across Digest's multi-format digital files—which start with Word documents that become transformed separately into html5 for the online presence, and into InDesign to generate pdfs—has definitely complicated our publication pace, and driven us to consider new platforms. As Mike Lange has transitioned out of the tech editorship, we have sought to build in more editorial help and board involvement. Thanks to Jennifer Dutch for starting to take on a Book Review editorship, and to Rachel Finn and Dustin Knepp for helping to edit a new version of the Submission Guidelines, which may be found under the Contribute to Digest link in the left sidebar. Another team of board members is helping with the transition to a new platform.

We are in transition and hope that changes afoot may eventually lead to less time-consuming editing and online entry, quicker publication of submissions, and more frequent publication of issues. Please bear with us during this period of positive transformation, with so many helping behind the scenes. Please continue to send us your work and ideas for consideration, desires to review specific publications and exhibits—and more. Thank you to all who have contributed in one way or another over the past year+ of putting out Volume 6! Before I leave you to enjoy the issue, please join me in giving thanks to our painstaking, cheerful, and accomplished digital technology expert, Morgan Lemmer-Webber, who is now finishing her dissertation in Art History at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Also thank you to UW-Madison Folklore Studies dissertator Chrissy Widmayer, who once again carefully proofread final versions of the content. Many thanks also to numerous outside peer reviewers, Editorial Board help in providing stalwart editorial support, and to the Samuelson prize judges who keep providing us with top work in student foodways scholarship.

On to 2019!

Janet Gilmore, with Dustin Knepp and Jennifer Dutch, editors

Table of Contents:

Research Notes